Areas of Expertise

Grant Bailey seated at a desk: he has general management experience.

General Management

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Organization
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Labour Relations & Collective Agreements
  • P&L Analysis
Photo of a railway terminal with multiple tracks to illustrate Grant's experience with rail infrastructure projects.

Rail Infrastructure Projects

  • RFP Development and Response
  • Bid Support and Design Review
  • Maintenance, Storage and Shop Facilities
  • Rolling Stock and Equipment
  • Lenders Technical Advice
Aerial view of a rail yard: Operations and Maintenance Experience

Operations & Maintenance

  • Staffing
  • Operating Rules and Procedures
  • Maintenance & Rehabilitation Plans
  • Timetables and Service Design
  • Documentation and Training
Image of a train car painted with the words "Committed to safety" to illustrate Grant's safety experience.


  • Safety Management Systems
  • Accident/Incident Investigation
  • Infrastructure Insp. & Assessment
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Security Management Plans

Business Development

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Industrial Development
  • Freight Transloads
  • Intercity Passenger Rail
  • Contract Negotiation
Image of a computer screen with data visualization tools to illustrate Grant's experience with management reporting systems.

Management Reporting Systems

  • Asset/Mtce. Management Systems
  • Accident/Incident Mgmt. Systems
  • Integrated Mgmt. Reporting Systems